The “Pub Club” is Born and Needs YOU

by Serenity Ringwood

The Publicity Club is an outlet for students to showcase their abilities and creativity, endeavoring to provide greater access to clubs to help share their talents and stories.

Have you ever wanted to be a journalist? The Publicity Club can help enhance your news writing and interviewing skills. Have you ever wanted to get your opinion out there? The Publicity Club displays thoughtful student issues involving the school and community. Have you ever wanted to share your pictures? The Publicity Club is actively seeking students with cameras. Adding on, the Publicity Club sees itself through other clubs and students; we’re here to help advertise events and enlist support for your clubs and charitable giving.

Of course, the Publicity Club didn’t start off guns blazing; we’re working our way towards a well-rounded club that can be an intermediary between students and informational news. After several months of ground work, the Publicity Club is happy to introduce our Cedar Paw Print, a news site for the students of Cedar High School. Slowly but surely, we are increasing members and our news coverage, so help us inform you and our community by spreading the word about Cedar High School’s much-needed newspaper.

We plan on writing about everything that goes on around the school such as student spotlights, the occasional teacher spotlight, and many other activities. These include sports, events, dances, and all of the other major, and minor, events.

The Paw Print wants to give a voice to students to express their opinions and promote student achievements all across the board. In the end, we want the community to know about the good at Cedar High – the good that includes you. Last but not least, if there are any suggestions for us such as who we should add to the list of spotlights we should do, you can fill out a Spotlight Form or contact a Publicity Club member. Thank you. 


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